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Neer Neer Neer Indy Racing Shirt

Neer Neer Neer Indy Racing Shirt

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Neer Neer Neer Racing Tee.

This is the fastest shirt in Indy! All of you speed freaks, track goers, and open wheel racing fans know the sound... The sound of 1500 pounds of pure adrenaline flying by at 200+ mph; the blast of 10000+ rpm's crashing into your ears... It's the smell of octane and rubber burning hot, that rumbling from the motor in your bones, and the wind on your face that blows off the sweat. Yup, it's May in Indianapolis all right. Gear up race fans, it's 500 miles of track season and it only happens in one place: Speedway Indiana.

Amazingly comfy. Printed on super soft poly/cotton blend material.

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