About us: The Hometown Riot story

Hometown Riot started with a man and a sketchbook.

Jon Terzini, the founder and artist behind the designs, likes to travel and loves to draw. He didn't have to travel far though, right in his backyard of Indiana lay dozens of state parks and towns just waiting to be explored. Instead of jotting down words in a notebook describing the beauty and wonder of these destinations he would draw them. Whatever came to mind that described the passion of these places. Having a background in graphic design and screen printing just made it that much easier to transfer his artistry to apparel.


From humble beginnings selling at craft shows and holiday fairs, HomeTown Riot has turned into a growing lifestyle brand that celebrates the places we like to call home. Whether you are out on the town or out of the state entirely, we provide quality and comfortable apparel designs with a one of a kind graphic personality. Take a piece of your hometown with ya.

Beyond designing and selling amazing apparel, we value community and togetherness. These designs get people sharing stories. When you visit a local watering hole and see someone wearing a hometown shirt that you recognize, wouldn't you talk with them? Love your Hometown.

Original design
For us, it is incredibly important to only offer designs that are unique and that we would wear ourselves. Nothing in our catalogue is boring or generic. Most of the designs are drawn by hand, sketchbook style. Many have hand lettered elements to give them a feel only HomeTown Riot can provide. Add a touch of vintage flair and you have our brand in a nutshell.

hand drawing typography