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Great Smoky Mountains Bear Shirt

Great Smoky Mountains Bear Shirt

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Take a trip to the most visited National Park in this super comfy, super vintage looking T shirt to see the magnificent black bear.

These creatures are something else. They're massive, they can weigh up to 600 pounds and can be up to six feet tall when standing on their hind legs. They're covered in a thick, shaggy black fur that makes them look like they just stepped out of a horror movie. But they're not dangerous, they're actually pretty peaceful animals, they just want to eat, sleep, and raise their young.

All in all, the black bear of Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a magnificent animal, and it's a privilege to be able to see them in their natural habitat. They are a symbol of the wildness of this park and are a reminder of the importance of preserving these wild places for future generations. If you ever get a chance to visit Great Smoky Mountains National Park, make sure you take the time to see these amazing animals, it's an experience you won't forget.

Printed on super soft poly/cotton blend material.

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