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Glacier Mountain Goat Shirt

Glacier Mountain Goat Shirt

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Let me tell you about Glacier National Park in Montana, it's one of the most beautiful places on earth. This park has everything, rugged mountains, crystal clear lakes, and some of the most diverse wildlife you'll ever see. But you know what's really cool about this place? The mountain goats, man.

These creatures are something else, they can climb anything, and I mean anything. They've been seen to scale sheer rock faces like it's nothing, it's like they're part mountain. These goats have white fur and black horns and they're a symbol of the wilderness in this park. If you're lucky, you might be able to spot a herd grazing on a high alpine meadow, or even a young kid playing with its mother.

The park has some great hiking trails, and that's the best way to see these amazing animals. Trust me, if you ever get a chance to visit Glacier National Park, make sure you take a hike to see the mountain goats, it's an experience you won't forget. Take one of these throwback T shirt designs along for the trip.

Printed on super soft poly/cotton blend material.

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