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12 Mile Circle Shirt

12 Mile Circle Shirt

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Delaware has the largest territorial arc boundary in the world on its north end.

The 12-mile arc of Delaware's state border is a unique feature that has a rich history and continues to make Delaware stand out. It was created in 1750 when the British Crown issued a land grant to William Penn, which stated that the western boundary of Pennsylvania would be a circle with a 12-mile radius centered on New Castle, Delaware. This boundary was later used to define the border between Pennsylvania and Delaware.

The arc remains in place to this day and, for locals, is a source of pride and a reminder of their state's rich history. It represents Delaware's resilience and independence and stands as a symbol of the state's unique place in American history.

Wear the T shirt that represents this wacky state fact.

Printed on super soft poly/cotton blend material.

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