Welcome to HomeTown Riot.

Welcome to HomeTown Riot.

My next guest needs no intr- oh wait, you have no idea who I am yet... womp womp.

Howdy. I'm Jon. Don't be shy, come on in! You can call me Terz. It's a nickname derived from my very Italian last name. It's also a lot more unique when there are 4 billion other Johns on Earth. Here's a picture of me awkwardly staring back at you. Enjoy.


intense stare HomeTown Riot owner

Welcome to my site HomeTown Riot. Here you will find unique and creative designs and t shirts for the activities and places we call home. A lot of them are retro because, well, old stuff kicks ass and I've been told I live in the past too much.

I started this site to catalogue the places and things I've done while traveling. I wanted to keep a record of how those places and activities made me feel or what I remember the most from them, and then share them with y'all in the best way I know: on shirts. Design is my paint brush and t shirts are my canvas. I would explain why the slogan is We Don't Print Ugly, but I wont insult your intelligence.

detroit hock city and 8 points 9 seconds shirt

The designs started humbly enough with Indiana items, which is where I'm from. Then the drugs must have kicked in because sometime later I decided to also include places from across all 50 states of the U.S. The National Parks are my latest fascination. The United States is a big place though, which means i'm constantly creating more stuff.

Enjoy my creations and be sure to enjoy your Hometown more.

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Terz is an icon in the shirt game! Classic designs, quality work, easy to work with, fair prices, and a fun dude. You can go with a big print house and just be another customer or you can go directly to the source… the owner/designer/printer all in one! Choice is yours, choose Terz and Hometown Riot!


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