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5 easy graphic tee washing tips for lazy people who hate doing laundry.

Washing clothes kind of sucks. You've got to throw them in the washer, then the dryer, then fold them and put them away just so you can do it all over again. It's too much work frankly. The person who invented it should be ashamed. Your tees can't wash themselves unfortunately, therefore you need to step up your game at the washing machine son. Here are some simple tricks for your lazy butt to keep your t shirts looking fly.

1. Pop in a video game while you wash your shirts on cold.

Wash your shirts on cold or warm. I wont bore you with the details for why that matters because you've got games to play while the cycle is going.

Mario Kart 64

2. When you take off a shirt after use, pull it off from the bottom up so it comes off inside out. 

This will save you a step because you will want to wash them inside out. Inside out washing protects the design, if you care about that sort of thing.

Chris Farley taking off shirt

3. Keep the darks and light shirts piled on your floor separate.

So when you go to actually wash them you can quickly throw them in as one pile and not contaminate them with non-matching colors. One less step means more Mario Kart time.

pile of shirts

4. Skip the bleach.

Again, it's just one more step that is not necessary and the harshness will hurt the fabric and design of the graphic tee. Steer clear.

bleach bad

5. Hang the shirts right after they are tumble dried on low heat to bypass ironing.

This is the final part. If you hang your shirts immediately after they are finished drying, chances are they will stay pretty well wrinkle free and you get to skip having to iron them. That's a good thing because you don't own an iron anyway.

hanging t shirts

Pro tip: Sneak your shirts as covertly as possible into your roommate's or partner's load. They will be doing 80% of the work for you. Or just let mom wash your shirts since she probably already knows this stuff. MOM THE MEATLOAF!

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